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Maths iOS app: Wuzzit Trouble

NPR Math Guy Keith Devlin, from Stanford, recently followed up his promise from his 2011 book “Mathematics Education for a New Era”  and released a free maths game Wuzzit Trouble … Continue reading

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Software for geometric proofs in secondary schools

A week ago I attended a seminar at the School of Education with visitors from Japan. One of the visitors was Professor Mikio Miyazaki. He showcased some of his work … Continue reading

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More on Openbadges

I seem to get involved into many #openbadges discussions on Twitter lately. A while back I wrote on my blog about this topic. I think it was quite well-balanced, acknowledging … Continue reading

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Longer schooldays

A recent assertion in the media (and of Gove) is that longer schooldays would lead to better performance and make life easier for working parents (see here, you can even … Continue reading

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BSRML conference – report

I have written three posts on the BSRLM day conference on November 17th, 2012. The three posts are: BSRLM conference part 1 BSRLM conference part 2 Alnuset BSRLM conference part … Continue reading

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BSRLM conference part 3

The fourth session by Ainley reported on the Fibonacci project, integrating inquiry in mathematics and science education. It was good to hear that the word ‘utility’ that was used, did … Continue reading

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BSRLM conference part 2 Alnuset

The third session I attended was more a discussion and critique session, led by Monaghan and Mason, on the topic of ‘cultural affordances’. The basis was the work of Chiappini, … Continue reading

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BSRLM conference part 1

On Saturday November 17th I visited the second day of the BSRLM conference (British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics). I’ve become a member as it’s ‘the place to be’ … Continue reading

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Geogebra on the Web

Of course, most of us will already know Geogebra. The latest incarnation, called GeogebraWeb, is made in HTML5 and is a great next step towards an application -as Geogebra initially … Continue reading

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Dabbling in Sketchometry

After being alerted by a colleague, today I dabbled a bit in Sketchometry. I like it. It can recognize finger gestures, especially useful on tablets, for geometric constructions. There is … Continue reading

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