R materials

I’m trying to put R materials I’ve made over the years (some with others) on this page. Bear with me.

Analyzing international large-scale assessment data with R

This was the agenda of the workshop given with Dr. Daniel Caro. Daniel is the creator of the R intsvy package, which can be used for PISA, TIMSS, PIRLS and thanks to Przemyslaw Biecek PIAAC as well.

There are more incarnations for the JURE but they are shorter and cover less ground.

The complete R script is here

The three presentations:
R workshop AERA Conference – Part 1_Introduction to R for data analysis
R workshop AERA Conference – Part 2_ Complex designs and related statistical procedures
R workshop AERA Conference – Part 3_ Using ‘intsvy’ to analyse international assessment data

The Practical

All files have also been converted into markdown files. If you use the materials please reference us.


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