Name: Dr. C. Bokhove (Christian)
I’m a Professor in Mathematics Education, University of Southampton. I am a specialist on international comparisons in mathematics education, the use of technology, and innovative methodologies.
Staff profile

Birthdate: September 16th 1975
Birthplace: Amsterdam
E-mail: cbokhove@gmail.com, c.bokhove@soton.ac.uk
Marital status: married, five children, oldest one left the nest…

You want a presentation? Maybe one on: technology and maths education? PISA and TIMSS, international comparison? Skills and understanding, both are needed? Debunking myths of myths? Methodology, for example Social Network Analysis? Go for it!

Research interests:

  • Quantitative methods
  • Data analysis for largescale assessment
  • Social network analysis and textmining for education
  • Use of ICT for acquiring mathematical skills
  • Algebraic skills
  • ICT tool use in education
  • Publications and presentations

Work experience:

2022 – now Professor in Mathematics Education, University of Southampton
2018-2022 Associate Professor in Mathematics Education, University of Southampton
2012-2018 Lecturer in Mathematics Education, University of Southampton
1998-2012 St. Michael College, Zaandam
– Teacher maths, 12-18 yr olds.
– Teacher computer science (until 2007, incl. curriculum design), grade 12.
– Head of ICT. (1998-2011). Responsible for ICT & didactics, finances, infrastructure.
2000-2003 Activities transition secondary education – higher education. Free University Amsterdam. Designing and teaching remedial course.


2007-2011 PhD research at Utrecht University. Dissertation: Use of ICT  for acquiring, practicing and assessing algebraic expertise. See here , and here for publications and conference presentations.
1999-2001 M.Ed in computer science at Utrecht University (CODI).
1997-2000 M.Ed in mathematics education, university of Amsterdam.
1995-1997 B.Ed in mathematics education, Amsterdam, University of Applied Science.
1993-1995 Bedrijfsinformatietechnologie, bestuurskunde, Twente University. Mathematics, University of Amsterdam.
1987- 1993 Atheneum. RSG Enkhuizen, The Netherlands.

I did quite some MOOCs for fun:
2016 MOOC Statistical inferences.
2015 MOOC on statistics in fMRI scans.
2014 Datascience in R MOOC
2013 Coursera Social Network Analysis.
2012 Coursera Stanford Machine Learning.
2012 Coursera MOOC on Gamification. 93.7% score. (pdf)


  • Born in Amsterdam, 1975, raised in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands.
  • Twitter: still on http://twitter.com/cbokhove
  • Academia.edu: I removed this, as I wasn’t happy with their policies.
  • Google Scholar page
  • ResearchGate: I don’t keep this up to date very well.
  • Council member SP in Enkhuizen from 2006-2012 (chair SP Enkhuizen since 2008). I wrote about my chronicles in politics here.
  • Was involved in the Moodle community, one of founders Nedmoove, user group Moodle in the Netherlands.
  • Wanna-be caver
  • Best game ever: Mass Effect trilogy, Tell-tale The Walking Dead series 1, Best book ever: Foucault’s pendulum by Umberto Eco, Best music artists: Burial, Antony and the Johnsons, Suede, Patrick Wolf, Mumford and sons, Wu Lyf, Best humor: Bill Hicks, Theo Maassen. Best movies: Dancer in the Dark, A Clockwork Orange, The Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

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