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Presentation Metacognition for Teachmeet SEF

Here are the slides: Developing metacognition from Christian Bokhove

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Presentations on geometry education

I did two presentations on geometry education this week. One at the BSRLM day conference and one seminar at Birkbeck, University of London. Slides for Birkbeck: The slides have … Continue reading

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AERA 2019

I made a dedicated page for AERA 2019.

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Item on BBC radio Solent

Dr Christian Bokhove appeared on BBC radio Solent on the 30th of August. It was in reaction to a¬†new report¬†by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) that assessed the state of … Continue reading

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Can research literacy help our schools?

This is the English text of a blog that appeared on a Swedish site (kind translation by Sara Hjelm). In efforts to debunk education myths there is a real danger … Continue reading

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Presentation for HoDs mathematics of Trinity group

I gave a presentation about the spatial research I did recently with 85 year 7 pupils. Mental rotation skills from Christian Bokhove

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researchEd presentation on myths about myths

Last weekend I gave a Dutch and English version of my ‘This is the new myth’ talk. This talk did not come about in some vain attempt to take over … Continue reading

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