Galois and Sage projects

SAGE project (2007/2008)

In the SAGE project St. Michael College, six more schools and the Freudenthal Institute Utrecht University, collaborated to achieve:

  • Further development of the Scorm Applet Generator [A software program that enables teachers to make their own algebra applets that comply to the SCORM standard, so that student work can be stored and retrieved]
  • Construction and dissemination (for non-commercial use) of 20 algebra applets for (Dutch) secondary education.

Download SCORM packages in one zip file (released under Creative Commons license)
The environment is also accessible via
If you just want an idea what the DME (Digital Mathematics Environment) is with English content:

There is an extension to the moodle SCORM module that allows teachers to watch student work. Version 2.0 was experimental and not hosted.

Version 1.9.2+
Version 1.8
Version 1.6
Version 1.5.3

Galois project (2004-2007)

The Galois Project combines mathematical programs within a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to faciltate feedback on learning.

  1. This booklet (summary in English) explains the results. It also contains the three articles that were published in Euclides.
  2. The results were presented at ICTMT8: paper, presentation, worksheet. For more (also recent) articles see Academia.
  3. Some demonstrational FLASH MOVIES can be found here (teacher view) and here (student view).
  4. The project at a glance.
  5. There was an elaborate KennisWiki at the original site. I have a backup but have not added it to these pages as most of  knowledge now is obsolete or updated.
  6. Some applications can be downloaded for use in your own VLE. The SCORM applets of the project were updated by the applets of the SAGE project, see below.
  7. An impression of the first version of the DWO authoring tool is here.
  8. For quickly making exams -at the moment for differentiating- in MathML you can look at Intomath (uses MathPlayer). Unfortunately this does not work anymore in recent browsers.
  9. This project also experimented with Activemath and STACK. Both can be used for presenting interactive, mathematical questions and books.

A movie in Dutch about the project was made in the programme Open Source and Open Standards in education. Unfortunately the movie is not available any more.

The Galois project won a prize of 25000 euro that was used to start the one-year SAGE project.

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