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Disclaimer: material in the presentation should not be copyrighted. If you feel otherwise, please let me know. All presentations: Creative Commons License

Workshop at EARLI-SIG conference on ‘School effectiveness’ called ‘Analyzing International Large-Scale Assessment Data with R’ with Dr. Daniel Caro, University of Oxford
Seminar for the Education School on the consequences of not taking into account sampling designs with TIMSS 2011 data. June 10th, 2014, Southampton.
Paper presentation at the BCME conference, Nottingham, April 2014
Full day course/workshop ‘Analyzing International Large-Scale Assessment Data with R’ with Dr. Daniel Caro, University of Oxford, at AERA2014, Philadelphia, USA. (link)
Nationale Wiskunde Dagen [Dutch Mathematical Days], Noordwijk, 2014, the Netherlands (invited speaker). Presentation with Peter Boon on ‘mathematics education in 2020’ .
22nd ICMI study on task design, Oxford, July 2013
Digital Literacies Conference 2013 – Online Learning and MOOCs, 24/4/13, Southampton, United Kingdom. Panel member discussion MOOCs.
Interview in Nieuw Archief Wiskunde ( In Dutch. March 2012. (pdf)
Nationale Wiskunde Dagen [Dutch Mathematical Days], Noordwijk, 1/2/13-2/2/13, the Netherlands (invited speaker)
Presentation MaSE centre. October 18th, 2012, Southampton, United Kingdom. (slideshare)
ICME-12. July 8-15th, 2012, Seoul, South-Korea. Paper to be presented in Topic Study Group 19. (draft)
Dudoc event. May 9th, 2012. Poster (Dutch)
Nederlands Mathematisch Congres ( April 12th, 2012. Invited speaker.
Research presentation, Southampton. (prezi)
ICT &mathematics conference EPN (Getal en Ruimte). April 10th, 2012. Invited speaker. (slideshare)
Bokhove, C. (2011).  Formatieve scenario’s en crises in een digitale interventie voor algebraïsche expertise [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from
Bokhove, C. Slideshare presentation. 18th September 2011.
Bokhove, C. Active participant of Wintersymposium division B&T of the VOR, on September 7th, 2011.
Bokhove, C. Lecture for master students mathematics education Utrecht University, presentation on September 3rd 2010 (Slideshare version is here)
Bokhove, C. CADGME 2010 proposal. HlubokánadVltavou (10 km from České Budějovice, Czech Republic). “Design and test of a digital module for algebraic skills”. AbstractPresentation on 29th June 2010.
Bokhove, C. Symposium proposal ORD: “Onderzoek naar wiskundig inzicht”, samen met Joke Zwarteveen en Sonia Palha. Symposium description. Proposal. Presentation on June 23rd 2010.
Bokhove, C. Presentation ‘klasje 008’. May 2010.
Bokhove, C. Presentation Dudoc. 12th September 2010.
Stiphout, I. Van, Bruin-Stiphout, Bokhove, C. NKBW2. 15 december 2009. (presentation not online)
Bokhove, C. Expertmeeting FIsme. 11 december 2009. (presentation)
Validation committee FIsme, delegate Dudoc, 17 november 2009.
Bokhove, C. Study day nvvw. 7 november 2009. (presentation)
Bokhove, C. Active participant seminar GilahLeder. FI. August 7th 2009, Utrecht. Slide.
Bokhove, C. (Presentation) Assessing symbol sense in a digital tool, Computer Algebra and Dynamic Geometry Systems in Mathematics Education (CADGME) Castle of Hagenberg, Austria. Online proceedings.
Bokhove, C. Presentation cTWO. April 23rd 2009.
Bokhove, C. Presentation Dudoc. 15th September 2009.
Bokhove, C. Presentation Dudoc. 17th Septembe 2008 (dutch).
Koolstra, G. & Bokhove, C. Presentation for the NvvW. 8th September 2008.
Bokhove, C. , Research and practice on tool use for mathematics in secondary education. Heerlen, Symposium on “Math tutoring and feedback”, invited speaker. Presentation>Symposium Heerlen. 19th September 2008.
Bokhove, C. (2008). Presentation Dudoc. 4th September 2008.
Bokhove, C., Drijvers, P., & Maanen, J. van (2008). Online Formative Assessment for Algebra. Potsdam, Germany, EARLI/Northumbria Assessment Conference 2008. Poster ENAC conference.
Bokhove, C., Drijvers, P., & Maanen, J. van (2008, Juni). Het gebruik van ICT bij het verwerven, oefenen en toetsen van doorstroomrelevante wiskundige vaardigheden. Eindhoven, Nederland, Onderwijs Research Dagen 2008 Poster ORD conferentie.
Bokhove, C. (2008). Presentation Activemath-EU meeting Prague.
Bokhove, C. (2008). Use of ICT for acquiring mathematical skills [Powerpoint presentation Dudoc 10 01 08].
Bokhove, C. (2007). Presentation activemath meeting Paris.
Bokhove, C., Koolstra, G., Boon, P., & Heck, A. (2007). Towards an integrated learning environment for mathematics [Powerpoint presentation ICTMT8].
Bokhove, C., Boon, P., Koolstra, G., Dijkman, D., & Waals, G. v. d. (2006). SCOAL [Powerpoint presentation projectplan “Regeling Contentstimulering 2006”].
Bokhove, C. (2005). Galois: eduexchange [Powerpoint presentation Eduexchange].
Bokhove, C. (2005). First Maple TA course in the Netherlands. presentation. February 4th. Mirror site.
Masterclass Free University Amsterdam. Graph Theory. 2004. Mirror project site.
Modeling workshop St. Michael College. 2004. Mirror project site.

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