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To the 0th power

On twitter I got involved in a discussion on exponents. At first it started with square roots being the same as ‘to the power of 0.5’. The first tweet commented … Continue reading

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Teaching kids real math with computers: a comment on Wolfram

Only recently I read this blogpost on a TED talk by Conrad Wolfram. Although I agree with most in the blogpost, I think Wolfram paints a caricature of mathematics.  Let … Continue reading

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Storing student work and checking geometry tasks

One of the –in my opinion- most impressive features I have seen in mathematics software is the recent fusion of the Freudenthal Institutes (FI) DME (Digital Mathematical Environment), good content … Continue reading

July 27, 2012 · 1 Comment

Rapid Miner datamining

I recently got into a discussion about datamining. I actually think we have just started to scratch the surface of big data, Learning Analytics and Educational Datamining. As, for example, … Continue reading

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A while back I stumbled on Algebrakit-toets. I never got round to archiving and/or describing it, so here gooes. Algebrakit-toets provides an semi-automatic environment for creating tests and answer-sheets. It … Continue reading

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A fraction of fractions

On Twitter I encountered a dialogue about the use of fractions, and the question whether we should consider “three tenths” as something different from 0,30 (or 0.30), and whether that … Continue reading

January 14, 2012

Khan on homework

In a TED session Khan (yes, of the academy) states that students could watch movies at home and make homework at school. I agree that knowledge transfer, using ICT, could … Continue reading

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Peter principle

In mathematics education I roughly see two types of math educationalists (note that I don’t mean these as a disqualification of some sorts): The first type starts off with a … Continue reading

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In july I will be visiting Portsmouth for a conference. If time permits I will try and visit some heritage sites, e.g. Portsdown.

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