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Recent presentation: digital books for creativity

I gave two paper presentations recently at the BSRLM day conference in Brighton. Abstracts and slides are below.

Geraniou, Eirini*, Bokhove, Christian* & Mavrikis, Manolis
UCL Institute of Education, University of Southampton, UCL Knowledge Lab
Designing creative electronic books for mathematical creativity
There is potential and great value in developing digital resources, such as electronic books, and investigating their
impact on mathematical learning. Our focus is on electronic book resources, which we refer to as c-books, an
d are extended electronic books that include dynamic widgets and an authorable data analytics engine. They have been designed and developed as part of the M C Squared project (, which focuses on social
creativity in the design of digital media intended to enhance creativity in mathematical thinking (CMT).
Researchers collaborating with mathematics educators and school teachers form Communities of Interest and
Practice (COI and COP) that work together to creatively think and design c-book resources reflecting current
pedagogy for CMT in schools. We plan to present a number of these books and discuss how they were designed.
We will share our reflections from using one of the c-books for a school study and highlight its impact on students’
learning, but also how c-books could be integrate d in the mathematics classroom.

By cbokhove

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