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A while back I stumbled on Algebrakit-toets. I never got round to archiving and/or describing it, so here gooes. Algebrakit-toets provides an semi-automatic environment for creating tests and answer-sheets. It can be started here (Dutch, programmer Martijn Slob).

In a wizard-like environment it can:

  • Make tasks for various levels and years.
  • Every student gets a differently randomized test.
  • Every test can be accompanied by an answer sheet

Step 1: general information: first input general information on the test

Step 2: choose the level, subject and number of tasks. Note that changing the order of questions seems a bit hard to do.

Step 3: now indicate how many different tests you need

Step 4: clicking “Genereer toetsen” makes the appropriate tests. Clicking “Bereken de antwoorden” generates the answers. This can take a while. Clicking the button shows intermediate steps. You can also choose just to continue.

Step 5: here, finally you can download the task and answer sheets. Nte: for the latter to work you will have to “Bereken de antwoorden”.

Click AlgebraKIT-toets for an example task sheets.
Click AlgebraKIT-toets-antw for the accompanying answer sheets.

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