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Social Network Analysis: applications for education research

Today, with Dr. Chris Downey, I gave a talk on applications of Social Network Analysis in education research. Slides below.

By cbokhove

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2 replies on “Social Network Analysis: applications for education research”

Dear Christian

I came across your presentation slide deck while searching for a way to represent the complex interactions between people and ICT in a school. I am undertaking a case study that is looking at a technology refresh cycle involving our 1:1 BYOD program, staff laptops, laboratory desktops. As a freelance post-doc project, I am hoping to take a “critical, selective and strategic approach” to planning and policy associated with these upgrades.

I have adopted Luckin’s Ecology of Resources framework to organise my thinking and reading around resources that a learner interacts with in her context – a context modelling approach, if you like.

In thinking about a representation of the complexity associated with a learning context, I hit your presentation.

By chance, is there a podcast of this talk? And Project 4 – Teacher knowledge and resource exchange – can you point me to some further reading on this project?

Thanks in advance and I love this website.


Dear Debra,

I recall it had been recorded but I have no idea where it ended up…will ask, if hear nothing I did not manage to get it.
The fourth project has been conducted by Dr. Chris Downey. If you look on our department website you should find some contact info.

Best wishes,


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