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David Bowie

Bowie has passed away.

I did not like all his music. I was brought up with Let’s dance and the (wonderful) This is not America (from The Falcon and the Snowman, if I recall correctly). He also had a mediocre Drum & Bass outing.

My favorite band in my younger years was Suede. They were heavily influenced by Bowie. They made me look into Bowie’s Berlin period, which to me still is his best period. That and Ziggy Stardust.

I did not like all the newer stuff.

Bowie had the biggest influence on me with just one of his films (yes, of course we watched Labyrinth with the kids): Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. An impressive movie with similarly impressive music. The butterfly on his face will never be forgotten. This is the famous ‘kiss’ scene:


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