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Sources on caves

I finally started a personal blog just to see if I am able to keep publishing.

The first major topic will probably be caving. From my childhood, when visiting Wales and South-west England with my parents I have been interested in rocks in all form and matter. My sister-in-law married an Austrian guy, which also falls in the category rocks, rocks and rocks, and most recently I’m watching and reading everything about caves. For example the IMAX movie:

But also the blockbuster by Cameron:

And after a visit to the Grottes de Hotton I am even more adamant: one day I will be caving and cave-diving, and a member of the Speleo Nederland. I, however, first have more pressing matters: writing my thesis, and so at the moment -in high anticipation of my caving future ;-)- I’m reading books and brushing up my fitness with survival training (my first triatlon, smallest distances, in june!).

Reading James M. Tabor – Blind descent
And have you seen the Wookey Hole? Also read this story on Wookey’s discovery and the dangers of caving diving. Why do I find this interesting? A whole list of UK caves is on

There, I also found info on caves in North-wales, as well as mines where I’ve been when young. I used to love the mine near Nantmor:

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