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This session will be on quadratics: completing the square, factoring etcetera. We will work on skills, but also on developing deep understanding. We will use (a selection of) the resources above.

The work to do (apart from the assignments during the session):
1.  When you have a University username and login you will be able to log in to Blackboard to access these course materials. You can find the files below. We will work through these during the session, with room for Q&A of course.

2a)  Log in to Integral and make a start on your subject knowledge by working through the Additional maths materials (Quadratics).  Once you are happy with the content of each section you can take the online multiple choice test.

2b) Another useful resource is on . You can register, login, look at instruction but above all, practice, now with the opportunity to enter in-between steps.

3.  Make a start on Developing Deep understanding in Algebra to hand in to me on 19th November.

Presentation Quadratics

Linking Quadratic Graphs

Linking Quadratic Graphs answers

Proof Sorter Quadratic Formula

Quadratics Practice

Quadratics Practice Answers

Algebra developing deep understanding

Explanation on how some algorithms for factoring work

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