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This page will contain materials for the AERA 2014 extended course:

PDC02: Analyzing International Large-Scale Assessment Data with R
Instructors:     Daniel H. Caro, University of Oxford; Christian Bokhove, University of Southampton
Date:               Wednesday, April 2, 9:00 am–5:00 pm
Location:        Convention Center, 100 Level – 115B
The course will train participants how to analyze data from international assessments (PISA, TIMSS, and PIRLS) using R. Lectures will briefly introduce R and explain the challenges associated with the analysis of international assessment data (i.e., plausible values, replicate weights). Hands-on exercises will demonstrate how to reproduce main results in international assessment reports with the R package ‘instvy’. This course is for researchers interested in international assessments and R who are familiar with script language concepts (e.g., for, if, else) and understand statistical concepts such as inference, regression, probability, and sampling weights. Participants are required to bring laptop computers with R and R-Studio installed.

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